Bloembagz - Miniherb Cloth Planter Honeydew

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If you're short on space, but still want fresh herbs, look no further than a BloemBagz Mini Herb Bag. Designed with a rigid lip and three open grommets, it is ideal for hanging from balconies and ledges. You can keep it next to a sunny kitchen window or close to a stove, and with space on top and 3 side pockets, you will always have access to your cooking herb essentials. Make an Italian herb bag with basil, thyme, oregano, and marjoram, or grow different varieties of mint to always add a twist to your favorite beverage!

Bloembagz are BPA free and different than traditional pots by utilizing a unique 100% breathable fabric technology made from recycled water bottles. BloemBagz were designed to allow maximum airflow and product longevity. The highly durable material is UV-resistant and provides exceptional air flow throughout the soil and root system. No more over-watering or root rot worries, as BloemBagz allow excess moisture to easily evaporate and drain away.

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