Golden Crookneck Yellow Squash Seeds (Summer Type) 2220

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Golden Crookneck Yellow Squash Seeds (Summer Type) 2220 Big, early yields of meaty, bright yellow fruits with a creamy white flesh and a distinctive crookneck. Pick when fruit are 15-20 cm (6-8"") in size for the best flavor. This squash is a very easy variety to grow! Strong bushy plants will grow in large containers such as half whisky barrels.

How to Grow

10-12 seed/gram Squash are a hot weather crop. They need full sun and deep, rich, well drained, organic soil with a pH of 5.5 to 6.5. Before planting, work in lots of compost. Directly plant seed outdoors from late May to mid June 2.5 cm (1"") deep in hills 2.4 m (8""²) apart with 4-6 seeds per hill. After germination, thin to 3 plants per hill. Seed can be started indoors 3 weeks before the plant out date. Squash do not transplant well-use paper or fibre pots that can be set directly in the soil. Protect mature squash from frost and cold temperatures.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Blooming Season Begins

High Summer




Start Indoors or Sow Direct Late Spring

Days to Emergence

7 to 10


Full Sun

Growth Habit



Low to Medium (15 to 30 cm)(6"" to 12"")

Frost Tolerance

Killed by Frost

Days to Harvest


Degree of Difficulty



Open Pollinated

Family Name



Cucurbita pepo



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