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London Tea Co brings you a range of bright, bold and naturally punchy Fairtrade teas, packed in 100% recyclable material.

All flavour varieties are subject to availability.

  • London Breakfast Our single origin London Breakfast is made from 100% Kenyan leaves. A quality breakfast tea is both the foundation of a range and a consumers morning routine – this balanced and full-bodied tea is perfect for an energising start.
  • Sencha Green Our revitalising Organic Sencha Green is delicately steamed to give a cleansing freshness. Best drunk in the morning to give a gentle caffeinated kick.
  • Pure Peppermint Our delicate Peppermint tea is made from 100% peppermint leaf. Enjoy throughout the day for a rejuvenating feeling.
  • Zingy Lemon & Ginger Our zesty Lemon & Ginger infusion is the ultimate choice for a warming and uplifting tea. Enjoy throughout the day to keep your spirits high.
  • Raspberry Inferno Our vibrant raspberry infusion packs a gentle chilli kick to energise your senses. Brilliant hot or cold, Raspberry Inferno is the ultimate treat.
  • Pure Camomile A delicate, floral Camomile tea is traditionally enjoyed at the end of the day for a calming and restorative moment.
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