About Wilson's Lifestyle Centre

Legend has it Steve and Colin Wilson were born with green thumbs (though we can neither confirm nor deny this). 

The Wilson family greenhouses were established long before Steven and Colin came along, but these two were learning how to plant beans while they were learning to walk. Their parents taught them how to make a greenhouse thrive - and they quickly fell in love with the process, the hard work, and of course, the plants!

Steve and Colin bought their first landscaping business in 1988, and grew one truck and half a dozen customers into a full-service landscape maintenance company, which today has over 1,500 residential and commercial customers. Two greenhouses and a snow removal company soon followed. Business boomed, they were busier than ever, and so naturally, they started up another company! In the spring of 2001, Wilson’s Greenhouse and Garden Centre opened its doors for the very first time.

After an overwhelmingly positive reception from local residents and businesses alike, Steve and Colin continued building their dream together, and opened Wilson’s Lifestyle Centre in August of 2017. The giant 130,000 square foot building uses state-of-the-art technology to make it incredibly environmentally conscious - their rainwater harvesting system means no wasted water on the many plants and sprawling landscaping, and their solar panels reduce their power consumption while supplying excess power back into the SaskPower grid and their community.

The unique combination of greenhouse, lifestyle retail, and entertainment quickly made it a popular spot with parents, kids, and furry friends alike - it’s not often kids are excited to go shopping! Wilson’s Lifestyle Centre is always growing and changing - we hope you’ll come visit us soon!