We wouldn't be a very good garden centre if we didn't sell plants, would we? 

We stock tropicals and houseplants all year round. During the spring and early summer months, we are full of annuals and perennials for you to choose from! We grow the vast majority of our annuals, veggies, and herbs from seed, so you know that the quality is always top notch. Our team of experts works tirelessly to create a nurturing environment that allows plants to thrive and flourish. 

Not only do we have the plants, we also have the things to plant the plants and keep them healthy! Pots, seeds, soil, watering cans, trellises, fertilizers, stakes, stands, rakes, trowels, and so much more. Need a tidbit of information or help with a plant problem? Our experts are here to help you. 

Click below to navigate yourself through our online listings, but remember that not everything is available online, so come visit us in store to!


*Due to the nature of cross province shipping, we are unable to send any live goods across provincial lines. We aren't able to ensure proper temperature control or care for the plant while enroute.*