Napoleon - Large Grease Tray

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Grease trays are important to have on your gas grill. Napoleon's Grease Trays are a convenient way to keep your grill and outdoor living area clean. Napoleon's grills are equipped with highly efficient sear plates that vaporize grease on contact, but sometimes some gets through. That's when the grease lands in the full-length drip pan and is directed to the disposable grease tray. You should check your grease trays every ten grilling sessions to make sure that they're not filled, and put in a new one if they are. Grease trays are an integral part of your grilling maintenance practice and will help keep your Napoleon running for years to come.

Key Features:

  • PACK OF FIVE: The Large Grease Drip Tray comes in a package of five (5)
  • ALUMINUM: Made from aluminum, these trays are disposable, just rinse and recycle
  • CATCH GREASE AND DRIPPINGS: Fits perfectly below the cooking grids, on top of the sear plates, to catch grease and drippings
  • Keeps your barbecue grill clean
  • OTHER USES: Move food easily to and from the barbecue grill or you can use these trays to cook and reheat foods on your BBQ
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