Mediterranean Chicken 120g - single

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Looking for an easy dinner? Try the simplicity of sun-drenched Mediterranean cuisine with our Keto, Non-GMO, No MSG, Filler-Free Chicken Mediterranean Seasoning made specifically to give you juicy, flavour-packed grilled chicken!

With its lemony-flavour and signature sun-dried tomato aroma, this blend has surely become one of our most popular!

Apply it liberally to chicken that's been coated in good olive oil and add a squeeze of lemon. Couple this dish with a Ranch yogurt sauce, our amazing Roasted Potatoes or basmati rice for absolute bliss!

Ingredients: Paprika, Garlic, Sea salt (15%), Roasted garlic, Black pepper, Sun-dried tomato, Tomato, Red bell pepper, Mustard, Oregano, Natural flavour, Cayenne pepper, Rosemary.
Contains: Mustard.

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