Danesco Kitchenware - 3 pack Beeswax Food Wraps

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Keep your food fresh with the peace of mind that you're avoiding the unnecessary disposal of single-use plastics, with these all-natural food wraps from Danesco.

Made from a mix of organic cotton, tree resin, coconut oil and, of course, natural beeswax, these wraps come in sets of three (3) with charming coloured patterns adorning them in a food safe, water-based ink.

  • Do not use with raw meats and fish, or acidic foods
  • Provides a tight seal around your food, simply from the warmth of your hands, while still allow the preserved food to breathe
  • With proper use, as per manufacturer instructions, these wraps can be reused between 6-months and 1-year
  • Pack of three (3) wraps, includes: Large 30cm x 30cm, Medium 25cm x 25cm, and Small 20cm x 20cm
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