Elho Green Basics Potato Pot Living Black - 33cm

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The potato pot from the Elho Collection makes it easy to grow your own potatoes on a small scale. The pot consists of a basic pot and an outer pot.

Simply plant the seed potatoes in the basic pot and watch them grow by lifting it. When your potatoes are big enough, you can easily harvest them by taking the basic pot out. If well taken care of, the plant will continue to yield new potatoes, until the first autumn frost.


Besides, the pot makes sure that no mildew or diseases will affect the soil and that you can keep growing potatoes year after year. The potato pot has a basic pot and an outer pot. All products from the green basics collection are made of recycled plastic. The UV-filter prevents the colour from fading when you leave it out in the sun. The pot is lightweight and it’s no problem if it happens to accidentally fall over, it can stand a good deal.

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