Hoya Chelsea - 6"

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The Hoya Chelsea like heaps of bright, indirect sunlight and will be right at home if they can make contact for at least 6 hours each day (indirect contact, that is!). Hoya carnosas can tolerate medium light, but they’ll become weak and leggy and produce fewer leaves in lower light. To encourage your hoyas to bloom, ensure they are close to an east, or north-facing window or set back a few feet from a south or west-facing window.


Let your Hoya Chelsea dry out between watering. Soak the soil thoroughly until the water drains out of the drainage holes. You’ll need to water more when they’re receiving more light, so adjust accordingly. If you find the soil has become compacted, soak the entire root ball in water for ten minutes and this will soften the soil. Avoid over-watering. When the colder months arrive, cut back on watering; in wintertime, only water when their soil is completely dry. 


Almost all types of hoyas need soil with excellent drainage. Hoyas should never be planted in dense soil mixtures with moisture-retaining crystals. You can use a universal potting soil, but reduce the watering frequency when using this type of soil as it will retain water longer causing potential damage to the roots! Nutrient-rich, loose soils are perfect mixtures for Hoya Chelsea! If your soil is retaining too much water, then replant into potting soil that is amended with cactus soil, perlite, wood chips, or coarse sand to help increase drainage!


The Hoya Chelsea loves warm environments that range from 65-85℉ - and should be kept away from drafty windows and doorways during the colder months.

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