Flower Market

Saskatchewan's largest dried flower market, we have beautiful dried flowers perfect for arrangements, crafts, weddings, or just adding some pop to your space.

Pick-up and local delivery only due to the fragile nature of dried florals.

Dried flowers have some key advantages over live and cut flowers:

  • Low Maintenance
    Since it's not necessary to water or fertilize dried flowers, once you place your dried flowers in the perfect spot you can just sit back and enjoy them.
  • Long Lasting
    Whereas cut flowers only last 7-12 days, drief flowers can last 1 - 3 years (!) if cared for properly. Best to keep them out of direct sunlight, wind, and humid conditions to make sure they keep looking their best.
  • Any season, any time
    No need to wait for your favourite flower to bloom, dried flowers are available year round, and because you're not beholden to any one season, you can come up with some truly stunning combinations.