Solar Gardens - White Balsamic

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Bottled with love in Saskatoon by local producer, Solar Gardens!

A lighter version of our traditional dark, these white grape based balsamic vinegars are made in Italy. They traditionally carry sweet flavours, however, we carry some savoury white balsamics that will work very well in your favourite recipes. All of our white balsamics are naturally flavoured. No added salts, sugars, sweeteners, glutens, colouring, or thickening agents are added. A premium balsamic vinegar is without a doubt a condiment that is unparalleled in taste and versatility. Our balsamics are acquired from one of the most reputable producers in Italy, and are of exceptional quality.

All our oils, balsamics and specialty vinegars are hand-filled in a standard 200ml dark green coloured glass bottle, corked and shrink banded (in one of our two Public Health Authority approved facilities).

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